The CRInt

Comprehensive training, solid theoretical knowledge and innumerable practical activities. The Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (IB/USP) has an excellent faculty and infrastructure to provide a superior education in life sciences. Created in 1969, IB/USP concentrates the undergraduate course in Biological Sciences and five graduate programs, which integrate teaching basic and specialized courses in Biology and performing lab practices and ground-breaking research. The infrastructure of the Institute contributes to its academic excellence: multimedia, modern laboratories for microscopy and anatomy, herbarium, xylotheque, apiary, and the center for study of the Human Genome assure direct contact with the scientific methodology.

Research at IB/USP includes a wide range of disciplines in biological sciences, distributed within five Departments: Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, Physiology and Zoology.  Innovative research is performed, often in collaboration with scientists and research institutions around the world, and published in high impact, internationally awarded scientific journals.